****PLEASE NOTE WITH THE COVID-19 situation start in March and continuing into the future for an unknown time

We will keep this page as current at possible.......thanks for understanding. ***

On April 17 2020, the Executive Order 20-38 was issued in Minnesota.   

It allowed safe Outdoor Recreation Activities which includes Outdoor Shooting Ranges operations.

Click here for the exec order 20-33 PDF.

We Are Open.

Clubhouse access is limited for restroom only.  We believe our shooting sports enthusiasts should have access to proper handwashing and restroom use.

The MN DNR guidelines for outdoor recreational facilities are found here:


The 2020 Summer Olympic Games have to wait until 2021, so we welcome you to the next best thing.......

The 2020 Social Distance Summer Shotgun Games.

Start date is June 1st, last day is August 30th.  

We will make The Games a great Outdoor Recreational Activity in Minnesota.

"Detachments" (teams) will be of 2-6 shooters.  We'll take the top 2 scores from the detachment for standings.

How will the Games work?

You and your social distant shooting buddies will have 12 weeks to post scores.

All clay target shotgun games offered will be 6 individual scores of 50 targets. 

Basically you have 12 weeks to post 6 scores per game.

Social Distancing rules apply.

The Social Distance Summer Shotgun Games will include the following activities......shoot one, two, or heck just try them all:

Sporting Clays - 16 yard trap - Wobble trap 
5-Stand - 3-Bird - Trap Doubles - Shooters Skeet

Warm-up stations and/or side games may be available.  

Tactical Shotgun galleries with their steel plates and clays setups will also be a part of the Games.

Spread the word about The Games and we'll get you and your "detachment" signed up.

The final - "Social Distance Shootout" to take place weekend of August 29-30 

 The Shootout will be the conclusion of the Summer Shotgun Games - Let's make it a good time  

On Wednesday, April 8, 2020 the Executive Order 20-33 was issued in Minnesota. It was an extension of the governor's previous "stay at home" order.

Section 6.o.ii of the new executive order also mandates that “gun ranges and clubs” be closed down for the duration of the order - currently that is until May 4, 2020.

Right now we are mandated to be closed so we will follow Executive Order 20-33, bottom of page 9 outlines the closure.  Click here for the exec order 20-33 PDF.

We do not want to be out of compliance and penalized.

We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Ranges outside of MN are noting changes in their operations with social distancing options, clubhouse access restrictions, wiping down of handheld trap controls and shooting carts, changing payment options, etc.

Be smart. Be safe.

We never foreseen this happening.


Registered event - Smoothbore 150 & 3-Bird

This event has been rescheduled to September 19-20, 2020. 

Note changes - we're hosting the Lakeview Trap Team Fundraiser this weekend as well.  Check out the flyer below for details.

NSSF - First Shots - Next class date to be determined 

If a group of you want to schedule a separate First Shots date, just let us know.  We can work with you and get you started in shotgun sports. 

We'll use equipment donated in part by the National Shooting Sports Foundation

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Click here for the 2020 Events at Shooters Sporting Clays

Click on videos below to see the lighted clay target shooting

Person Aiming for Trap Shooting in Marshall, MN Person Aiming for Trap Shooting in Marshall, MN Outdoor Shotgun Games in Marshall, MN
Shoot. Reload. Repeat.

Enjoy sporting clays or trap shooting at our range or get the equipment you need.
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Outdoor Shooting Range in Marshall, MN


Located 9.5 miles east of Marshall, Minnesota, SHOOTERS SPORTING CLAYS offers local and regional shooting clay enthusiasts and novices an enjoyable sporting clay experience and atmosphere. Since we opened to the public, we've held a number of fun events for trap shooting in Marshall, Minnesota, as well as state-level shooting competitions and family and corporate shooting events. To accommodate the revival of trap shooting and sporting clay programs in Minnesota, we've also added 4 trap shooting fields to our facility, and our staff is happy to welcome everyone from new shooters who may be in grade school to experienced sportsman for our shotgun games.


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