SHOOTING STARTS  @ 1:30 PM  - on station ready to pull trigger

Registration starts earlier

Werewolf 100 is a Non-registered shoot   

100 targets for $125 entry.
$75 of entry goes back into purses
(You're shooting 100 targets for $50)

Random squadding before 1:30 PM flight start time to keep it fair for all

Payout Format:

60% of Total Purse money to TOP 9 scores as follows, ties divide.  

We're calling this the "BIG BITE"  (werewolf theme)

1st    - 25%

2nd -  22%

3rd -   20% 

4th -     6%

5th -     6%

6th -     6%

7th -     5%

8th -     5%

9th -     5%

We're setting the top 3 scores for a "Big Bite" of the purse, but still getting payout to other shooters down the line.

THEN..... the other 40% of purse money to Lewis classes

40% of Total Purse to (4) LEWIS classes Payout 2 places per class, ties divide.

1st 60%  

2nd 40% 

15 stations, 4 shooters per squad.

Max of 60 shooters

Total purse would be $4500 if 60 shooters attend. 

We have both the BIG BITE and LEWIS as part of $125 entry.

See the max payouts below if we get 60 shooters

60 shooters * $75 in purses  = Total $4500.


60%  of $4500 = $2700 - total for top 9 Shooters / Scores

1st - 25%         $675

2nd - 22%       $594

3rd - 20%        $540

4th - 6%           $162

5th - 6%           $162

6th - 6%           $162

7th - 5%           $135

8th - 5%           $135

9th - 5%           $135

Total               $2700

LEWIS CLASS 40% of $4500 = $1800 

Split to (4) Lewis classes. 

$450 per class, 60/40 split (ties divide)

So it would be $270 for 1st, and $180 for 2nd

Lewis Class 1- 1st   $270

Lewis Class 1- 2nd  $180

Lewis Class 2- 1st  $270

Lewis Class 2- 2nd  $180

Lewis Class 3- 1st  $270

Lewis Class 3- 2nd  $180

Lewis Class 4- 1st  $270

Lewis Class 4- 2nd  $180

Total                        $2700

Remember this is based on attendance

Payouts will be less if lower number of shooters attend.


We have a couple other new money options for this WEREWOLF 100 event that were recently created in winscore.  

The Double Back and Three Man Blind Team.

Double Back - take all scores top to bottom.  The top half gets their option money back, plus the lower half's money.

3 Man Blind Team - shooters scores top to bottom, then placed in 3 buckets.

Software randomly creates three man teams, one from each bucket.  High team score get the jackpot.




This is a new concept for our shoots, let's get some attendance and build it up !

New SHOOTERS text service - sign up if you like - let a shooting buddy know about it.   

Just text     DEADPAIR   to   94253    to opt-in to the service if you like.   

You can always stop receiving text no problem. 

We just started trying this out as a quick little communication tool.

Join our email newsletter, the "Dead Pair Press" by clicking the button at the top of the page  

Be Responsible and Respectful of others enjoying indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

Remember social distancing. 

Relieve stress by breaking some clays and knocking down steel targets with your shotguns.


END DATE    -   APRIL 3, 2021

(Easter Saturday)

  • (6) 50-target scores to be posted by April 3, 2021.
  • (Reduced the number of rounds from (8) to (6) for a couple reasons.
  • First, our February temps really took a dive and are not done yet. 
  • We really lost 2 weeks with that.  Second, the ammunition thing.
  • Ammo shortages have started hitting shotshells now. 
  • We have seen it on the radar the last 3-4 weeks and doesn't look like it's going away.
  • Lots of orders being placed from stores, organizations, ranges, and individuals.
  • No exact timeframe on when shells will arrive from manufacturer or  distributor, and quantities that actually ship.  Time will tell.
  • - Winter Patriot League -
  • - Clay shooting games league offerings -
  • 5-Stand,  16 yard trap, and Wobble Trap
  • $20 per shooter to join a league which will go to prizes. 
  • (Shotshells always make a good prize, keeps you shooting)
  • (Who knows by April maybe a box will cost $20 ????)

No strict timeframe on when you need to post scores, we know everyone's schedules are changing with the changing times. 

Post (6) 50 Target scores by April 3, 2021.  

When?  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Weekends.

We can make it work for your schedule.  You can shoot until 10 PM under the lights as well.

Other times just need to be scheduled by appointment & encouraged

We want to make this a well-attended league enjoyed by everyone

BOTH Individual2-person Teams

Also - 2-Person Mixed Skill Teams - random assigned later for fun

Each 50 target score posted will go to the three categories, more bang for your buck, so to speak

Re-shoots available for $20 for 50 targets - will erase your previous score for the week - whether better or worse - be careful!

We can find you someone to partner up with. 

Be a part of something fun for the upcoming weeks of Winter


Know someone and/or a company that wants to donate prizes for the league? 

Let us know and we will get them recognized as sponsors.

Prices for Heated indoor 5-Stand: 

50 targets for $24

Youth: 50 targets $18

(Youth includes grade school, high school, college)

Heated indoor trap/wobble trap

50 targets for $16

Youth: 50 targets $14

(Youth includes grade school, high school, college)


SHOOTERS membership information coming soon

NSSF - First Shots - Next class date to be determined 

If a group of you want to schedule a separate First Shots date, just let us know.  We can work with you and get you started in shotgun sports. 

We'll use equipment donated in part by the National Shooting Sports Foundation

Click on logo below for more information


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Click on videos below to see the lighted clay target shooting

Person Aiming for Trap Shooting in Marshall, MN Person Aiming for Trap Shooting in Marshall, MN Outdoor Shotgun Games in Marshall, MN
Shoot. Reload. Repeat.

Enjoy sporting clays or trap shooting at our range or get the equipment you need.
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Located 9.5 miles east of Marshall, Minnesota, SHOOTERS SPORTING CLAYS offers local and regional shooting clay enthusiasts and novices an enjoyable sporting clay experience and atmosphere. Since we opened to the public, we've held a number of fun events for trap shooting in Marshall, Minnesota, as well as state-level shooting competitions and family and corporate shooting events. To accommodate the revival of trap shooting and sporting clay programs in Minnesota, we've also added 4 trap shooting fields to our facility, and our staff is happy to welcome everyone from new shooters who may be in grade school to experienced sportsman for our shotgun games.


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