Winter Shooting Continues....

Thanks all who attended Jan 5th Sunday shoot and the big game - Vikings 26 / Saints 20.....

For fun, we took the last digit of Vikings score PLUS last digit of Saints Score for number of boxes of shells to give away on Sunday.

Names drawn as follows

Scott Crowell - 2 boxes

Dan Strootman - 2 boxes

Brad Strootman - 2 boxes

Since the Vikes won last Sunday......obviously it's good luck we're giving shells away on NFL scores.  We're going to do it again this weekend.

Even though the game is Saturday.....anyone who shoots Saturday or Sunday is eligible for shell giveaway from Saturday's scores. 

This Saturday's January 11th game - Vikes vs. 49ers ......once again we'll add together last digit of Vikings score PLUS last digit of 49ers score.

If you haven't heard about this fun little shoot bonus, join our newsletter list for the "Dead Pair Press" up top of page and also follow/like our Facebook page.

2020 Winter Leagues Start Now

First 50 target score due by Sunday February 2nd.


We're making a slight change here.....lowering price of league shooting a bit and two less scores to post.

We want to get a good league going for the area clay shooters during January-March.  We'll be shooting out of our heated 5-Stand room attached to clubhouse.

Teams of 2-4 2 scores count per week per team - so no big penalty for newer shooters joining in on the fun -- Or you not shooting up to your "ability" one week.

And if you had a round of 50 where you know you could have did better......we'll allow one Replacement score.  If your Replacement score is lower - sorry that's still your score.

Shooting as an individual, no problem, we can get a team assignment for you.

All events will be 6 weeks/scores of 50 targets each.  Teams must be signed up and have their first 50 target score posted by by Sunday Feb. 2nd

Last Day for posting scores March 14, 2020.    Awards Monday March 16th.

Events include 5-Stand, 3-Bird, Wobble Trap, Regular Trap, & Long Bird.

Additional awards for Ladies Only & Students Only

$20 League team fee per event goes to prize drawings & awards (shells, rounds, Shooters beverage tumblers, etc.)

Do you or someone you know want to donate prizes for your fellow shooters?  By all means let us know and we will get them recognized. 

Remember this is all for FUN during these winter months!


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM ( Under the lights)

Saturdays starting 10:00 AM, Sundays starting at noon. 

Other times by appointment, we can accomodate. 

(with inclement weather shooting times may change)

(will be a few dates for private club functions that we'll need to work around, shouldn't be a big deal)

League rounds pricing is $20 per 50 targets each week/score. 

(Students: $16 per 50 targets each week/score)

Must declare "League" rounds before shooting.  Number of teams determines number of league classes.

We know winter weather and everyone's schedule is a factor - you can shoot ahead if you want, or if you fall behind you can catch up with no penalty.

(Just gotta get your first score in by Super Bowl Sunday Feb 2nd)

Sporting clay target presentation for 5-Stand and 3-Bird will change over the course of the league to keep it interesting.


Anyone want individual-only sub-gauge (20 ga, 28 ga, .410 Bore) events using sporting style menus, still shot in 5-Stand room?

We can do that with the 5-Stand machines - 3 report pairs and 2 true pairs per door.  Picking the appropriate pairs for the gauge. 

Gives you a chance to work on some sub-gauge skills, or just getting that smaller scattergun out for a change.

(Same pricing as other league rounds)


Side matches also will be available.  We'll try out some tournament brackets in January and February.

Planning on doing a "Big Bracket Blast" in March.....kinda along the lines of college basketball in March.

Can we get 64-68 shooters signed up for our "Big Bracket Blast"?   Time will tell, we're looking for your input here.

Our bracket "Formulation Friday" will be March 6th. 

Schedule would be something like the following:

Formulation Friday - March 6 - Bracket Published, fees due for entry into Big Bracket Blast

March 7th - March 14th: Rounds 1 and 2

March 14th - March 21st: Rounds 2 and 3

March 21st - March 26: Rounds 3 and 4

(NSCA shoot March 28-29)

March 30 - April 5th: Round 4, Semi-Finals, Finals Shootout

Could be lots of fun and chance to win a little $$$ with your clay target shooting talent and a bit of luck.

Need to keep in mind we'll need more time for earlier rounds as more shooters need to get their rounds completed.

Looking for input on the Big Bracket Blast...

Send us suggestions through our Contact Page or flip us an email at

Single elimination / double elimination?  $10 one time buy in?  Or $5 each round?  50 Target 5-Stand?  25 Target Wobble Trap?

Payout - 70% winner, 30% 2nd place?  Other random prizes by blind draw?

Note for 2020 - Look for "Jackrabbit" shoots - Your chance to win some $$$ while shooting clays. 

Basic idea - These are optional rounds outside of leagues and open shooting. 

$20 for 25 targets, you're paid back $0.50 "bounty" per target you hit, rest of money goes to the kitty. 

Kitty splits 25% 1st place, 25% middle place, 50% last place.  (Tie Score Divide Percentages)

Want to encourage participation across the board so lower scores have chance to win $$$ to keep shooting.  (More shells & targets & good times)  

Remember - this is all for fun and getting more people into the social shooting sports with clay target shooting.

Only rule is you have to shoot at least one other round same day as your Jackrabbit round. 

(The base idea came from a 1923 reprint of a "Winchester Repeating Arms Co. Shooting Promotion Divison" booklet)

NSSF - First Shots - Next Class - Monday Jan 27, 2020  6:30 PM

If a group of you want to schedule a separate First Shots date, just let us know.  We can work with you and get you started in shotgun sports. 

We'll use equipment donated in part by the National Shooting Sports Foundation

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